VA Energy Upgrades

VA Energy Upgrades

Veteran Home Modification Program

Active Military, Veterans, or their Spouses can face difficulty buying their home, refinancing, or modifying it.

One of Cosan Home’s partners is a 23-years old military Veteran who faced the difficulty himself. He knew about the program, but he had to educate his realtor, lender, and closing agents.

He found some members of the home buying team cautious of the client aftercare – EEU upgrades are completed once the loan is closed and the new owner takes possession of the home. This is where the EEM program became a perfect fit for his housing energy upgrades-windows.

Comfortable Chairs in the backyard of a house

He chose 11 crank impact-resistant hurricane windows with UVA blocking for his energy-efficient window upgrades. The cost rolled into his mortgage of $9000. He managed to include the energy efficiency window upgrade cost into his loan but found the process to be tiresome, confusing, and stressful for himself, and the home buying team.

Cosan Home understood the problem and now works to ease the home buying process and home modification process for Active Military Veterans and their Spouses. Cosan Home fills an important void that our Veterans and their loved ones were facing. How do you purchases a home that passes VA inspection but may need updating for energy efficiency?

When it comes to home modification, there are many reasons due to which Veterans go for it.
For example: If the owner has a disability that requires a wheelchair and wants the modifications for the home, then Cosan Home can assist the owner in getting the modification done per the dedicated Grant Program

There are three types of Grant Programs created for disabled service members and Veterans for their home modifications.

Specially Adapted Housing Grant (SAH) Grant

Service members and Veterans with specific physical mobilities which are service-based disability may be entitled to the Special Home Adaptation (SHA) grant. to SAH grant to get their home modified per their special needs.
Disabilities must be due to the following:

  1. The loss or loss of use of both the legs, and the Veteran cannot move around without the help of braces, crutches, canes, or a wheelchair.
  2. Blindness in both eyes, in addition to loss or loss of use of one leg
  3. The loss or loss of use of one leg and an injury or loss or loss of use of one arm impacting the balancing and holding the aid of braces, cane, crutches, or wheelchair.
  4. The loss or loss of use of arms above the elbows or at the elbows.
  5. Full-thickness or subdermal burn injury

Special Home Adaptation (SHA) Grant

This grant is available to modify the existing home to make availability of mobility throughout the home. Service members and Veterans with specific physical disabilities which are service-based disabled may be entitled to the Special Home Adaptation (SHA) grant.

  1. Blindness in eyes (Both) with 20/200 visual acuity
  2. The anatomical loss or loss of use of both hands and legs below the elbow
  3. Injuries due to burning (as so determined)

Home Improvements and Structural Alterations (HISA) Grant

HISA grant is available to the Veterans for the continuation of their treatment or disability access to the essential lavatory and sanitary facilities. HISA grant is also for those who have a medical determination indicating that structural modifications and enhancements are essential or suitable for the reasonable and efficient treatment for their disability. HISA grant is for non-service-based Veterans as well as service-based Veterans.

A Path Towards Home

What can the grants do for veterans?

Veterans are recognized as influential and significant people in society. Hence one of the major goals of the above-listed grants is to make home modification and adaptation easier coupled with the provision of premium services to make life easier for veterans. Some of the home modifications the above grants can cover include:

The professional home contractors at Cosan homes are readily available to provide more information regarding the grants and how they can help you. Our renowned home contractors will not only identify what changes you can and should make in your homes but they will also provide all the plans and designs to remodel your home. Click Here to get started with COSAN.