VA EEU’s for the Purchase or Refinance of your home!


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Cosan Home Welcomes Our Partners

Cosan Home partners with EEU Home Buying Teams to benefit Active, Veteran and Veteran Spouses with VA home buying tools and benefits.

Benefits, that meet VA homebuyers or owners Energy Efficiency Upgrade (EEU) goals.

This program allows Veterans to roll the costs of the EEUs into the EEM (Energy Efficiency Mortgage)*

This means:

  • 1. Not waiting to build equity
  • 2. Using savings for energy upgrades
  • 3. Taking a personal loan
  • 4. 2nd mortgage

This means that after closing the Active Duty Military, Veteran or Veteran Spouses new home purchase will have new EEUs.

This is a great Veterans home buying and refinance benefit.

Cosan works with the home buying team to make the EEU process less confusing and as smooth as possible.

Partner with us as we Meet their Goals!

*We are not mortgage lenders, mortgage brokers, or affiliated with any mortgage products.

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