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VA EEU’s for the Purchase or Refinance of your home!

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The Time for Home Ownership is Right Now!

Cosan -Realtors

Realtors working with veterans should know that the EEU program is a great tool to assist them with their energy- efficient home upgrade costs.

If you're a realtor and you've lost a sale because of a potential buyer facing costly upgrades, the EEU program can help make the necessary upgrades possible. Cosan’s purpose is to help the potential buyer navigate the process, making the sale more likely.

Also, as every realtor should know that other properties in the neighborhood, similar in comparison to the house being sold, are used when setting a price.

The following factors go into that assessment:

  • What is currently for sale which is compared to square footage, land, and location
  • Recent home sales
  • Homes that didn't sell and are being relisted
  • Also, a home's value can be affected by its energy efficiency.

Cosan — Appraisers

VA Appraisers are in the business of protecting the mortgage lender's interests.

The appraisers of the property will reflect its comparison to recent sales of similar properties in the neighborhood, in addition to the market trends.

The home's amenities, including the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, floor plan functionality, square footage, and energy efficiency are also key factors in assessing the home's value.The VA appraiser compares homes, home buying trends, and updates for the possible future valuation of the home. This is done because it affects the home's value and in turn its loan value.

If the appraiser finds out that the property is being overvalued (a valuation over the actual sales price), then the EEU program is for you and your military family.

Cosan - Mortgage Lenders

Mortgage lenders know that VA home loans are guaranteed loans. There is nothing better than a Veteran's Administration home loan guarantee and a qualified applicant.

Here is a brief overview of the EEM program's requirements:

  • Energy-efficient modifications that cost up to $3,000 — this is almost always offset by monthly utility cost savings.

  • Energy-efficient modifications that cost between $3,000 and $6,000 — verify that monthly utility savings cover the cost of the mortgage increase (they usually do).
  • Energy-efficient modifications over $6,000 — valuation for a "post -repair". This is to ascertain that the home supports the mortgage increase in the official Notice of Value.

Cosan — Contractors

Contractors play a unique role in the EEU process. Contractors do the necessary work for the Veteran who is obtaining EEU program replacements, repairs, and updates.

This is a unique opportunity to support Veterans in your community by playing a major role in improving their homes with the EEU program's updates, repairs, and replacements.

Some veterans may even be familiar with contractors in their area, giving both parties a chance to truly connect to their community.