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What are EEU and EEM?

Energy Efficiency Upgrades (EEU) is a benefit program linked with the VA EEM Program. The Veterans Administration Energy Efficient Mortgage Program (VA EEM Program) is a special loan program that helps homeowners finance the cost of EEUs. Veterans use EEU benefits when purchasing an Older Home or Refinancing.


VA EEM applicants who qualify can add the cost of Energy Efficiency Upgrades (EEU) into their home purchase or refinance loan. This means VA EEM applicants that meet the requirements can purchase an older home with confidence, and have these


Energy Efficiency Upgrades added to their home loan:

  • New Hurricane windows and doors

  • Cold Climate Insulation for walls, ceilings, attics, floors and water heaters

  • Energy efficiency thermostats – controlled via cell phone

  • Solar tiles installed on the roof for solar heating and cooling systems

  • On-demand water heaters – electric, gas, and propane

  • Energy efficiency furnace upgrades and modifications

  • Whole house a/c Heat pump and heat pump systems
  • Caulking and weather-stripping

This program allows Veterans to roll these costs into the EEM mortgage. This means not waiting to build equity, or use savings for energy upgrades or take a personal loan or 2nd mortgage.

The 3 EEU Levels offered by VA EEM Program

VA EEM offers 3 EEU Levels or Tiers which must meet Underwriting Consideration:

Improvements totaling $0 – $3,000: Veterans must include contractors quote which details the scope of work, labor and material cost for upgrades to be considered.

Improvements totaling $3,001 – $6,000: Underwriting Consideration. Veterans must qualify for an added increase in the mortgage. The energy-efficient benefit must be well documented according to VA and Lenders requirements and guidelines.

Improvements of $6,001 and up: Underwriting Consideration: This is a consideration when lenders are asked to approve EEU that adds more than 20% to the mortgage loan. The Veteran must financially qualify for an added increase in the mortgage. The energy-efficient benefits must be well documented according to VA and Lenders requirements and guidelines

If the work is not completed within 6 months, the lender may open an escrow account to process EEU payments.

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