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Active, Retired, and Veteran Spouses can use their VA housing benefit more than once.

Disable Veterans do not pay funding fees.

VA Appraisers work with mortgage lender to verify the property condition and value: this protects the Veterans monetary interests.

The appraisal of the property will reflect its comparison to recent sales of similar properties in the neighborhood, in addition to market trends.

The home's amenities, including the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, floor plan functionality, square footage, and energy efficiency are also key factors in assessing the home's value.

The VA appraiser compares homes, home buying trends, and updates for the probable future valuation of the home. Because it affects the home's value, and in turn its loan value.

If the appraiser finds that the property has valuation over the sales price, then the EEU program is for you and your military family.

Mortgage lenders look for valuations.

We are not lenders. We hold no personal affiliations with realtors, lenders, appraisers, or contractors. We advise our clients on using EEU’s for Energy Efficiency Upgrades.

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